Magnum Tulip Sauna heater

The MAGNUM is high-quality sauna heater. The excellent product development of Magnum sauna heaters provides new opportunities for placing the sauna heater. The safety distances of the sauna heater are 20 mm to the lower bench and 70 mm to the upper bench. This is made possible by an air cooling system located between the lower casings of the stove that effectively cools the outer surfaces of the sauna haeter.

The sauna heaters are equipped with 12 fibre lights that light up the stone surface of the stove indirectly from the middle part upwards. When water is being thrown on the heater, steam and light meet making the bathing in sauna into a lively experience. Sauna heaters are available also without lights.

Instructions for installation and use

Output (kW) Cabin size (m3) Dimensions (B x H x T) Stone capacity (kg)
6,6 5-9 360 x 1270 x 360 80
9,0 8-15 360 x 1270 x 360 80
10,5 10-20 395 x 1440 x 395 80


Output (kW) Safety distance (mm) Safety distance front (mm) Safety distance ceiling (mm)
6,6 20 20 800
9,0 20 20 800
10,5 20 20 800